Lakeside Canvas, on Buckeye Lake in Central Ohio, USA.

Fabricating Custom Canvas for your Boat since 1990.

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Appointments, 3:00 PM till midnight Mon-Fri

Boats must be towed to the shop for 'all' custom canvas fabrication.


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Lakeside Canvas uses only first line quality fabrics, vinyls, gelcoat and resins.
We never use seconds, closeouts or remnants for your Boat Canvas or Upholstery.


Open by appointment Mon-Fri.
When you have an appointment, I will be at the shop when you arrive.
Your trip will not be a waste of time and gas.

Keeping your boat covered is the easiest
and most cost effective way to protect your investment.

With a good cover, your boat will be clean, dry, and free of harmful ultra-violet light.


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